Beacon Chat Initiative to Solve United Nation SDG Goal No.13. Climate Action #SDG


Currently, the Sustainable Development Goals are the primary focus of the world; all countries are focused on attaining these goals, especially the sustainable climate and environment. In the recent past, creating awareness regarding sustainable environment and climate has left out the physically challenged in the society. It is a societal disposition that inclusivity to be a priority when undertaking any world project, therefore, the creation of an application that will support those with hearing impairment will shorten the time of achieving sustainable climate and environment. Furthermore, most Governments, NGOs and international organizations advocate for inclusivity in terms of those who are physically challenged. Climate is a fundamental component in the world that ensure the continuity of the human race, therefore, it is important for the whole world to be aware of steps they can undertake in order to ensure better climate action , sustainable life on land and water.

This Beacon Chat will target individual with hearing impairment especially in the developing nation whereby phone services like internet and SMS are expensive for most families. The company that created the application will make it easy for communication between those with hearing impairment since it does not involve cost. Currently, most individuals in Africa have the ability to possess a mobile device with a Bluetooth device that goes at a price of $15. Having the ability to communicate with each other will ensure governmental organization; NGO’s and International Corporation include those with hearing impairment. Most environmental programs involve creation of awareness and civil education; this requires issuing of handouts and training regarding environmental and climatic changes. Furthermore, most third world countries are on the verge of ensuring the inclusivity of physically challenged individuals; therefore, the provision of this application will hasten government’s ability to involve those with hearing impairment.

The application will provide a platform for those with hearing impairment to share their ideas, participate in training and create their own programs that will give the SDGs set by the UN. The application will ensure that individuals with hearing impairment can undertake projects that involve cleaning of environment, planting of trees and recycling of processed materials like plastic bottles. Education is a mighty tool that can bring a societal change especially when provided to individuals with potentially. The world has spent most years undertaking sustainable projects without fully creating a platform for individuals with hearing impairment to participate in ensuring countries achieve SDGs especially those related to the climate and environment. In addition, this application has ensured more people come on board to make it faster for Governments and NGO’s to achieve sustainable climate and life in water and land.

The application involves globalization in order to ensure the spread of ideas and knowledge regarding the creation of sustainable environment and climate all over the world is achieved. In order for the world to achieve sustainable environment restore the climate a holistic approach need to be the modus operandi whereby everybody is onboard. The use of this application will bring about the notion of a global village whereby information is shared all over the world. Communication is a key ingredient in ensuring progress and completion of set goals; for example, most countries have aligned their vision according to the UN’s sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, in order to achieve them, especially those related to climate and environment, communication is a vital component in ensuring the set goals are achieved. This application created by the company is supported by Bluetooth; therefore, its cheapness will ensure communication is achieved among individuals with hearing impairment. Therefore, creation of awareness and provision of education among those who have hearing impairment will accelerate the worlds ability to achieve sustainable environment and climate.


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