GOAL 5: GENDER EQUALITY, Touches on Ending of Gender Based Violence in all its forms.


Gender Based Violence acts has continued to be on the rise, despite the fact that a lot of resources are put into helping both victims and also legally in taking action against perpetrators. Various forms of Gender Based Violence that are on the rise is Female Genital Mutilation, which happens in a cultural context and Rape. Reports show that many of the cases are actually not reported and can be due to the fact that the victims may be disbanded from the community, fears or depend on the perpetrators.

With the recent Weinstein Story, we saw different women coming out, tell their stories. By sharing their stories, they became heroes in the community. Previously you find voices of women were not heard because there are few programs that are targeted and focused on them, hence never had opportunity to speak on issues affecting them. Consequences of GBV include HIV/AIDS and STIs, unwanted pregnancies, physical and psychological trauma. I think a solution will need to address factors that limit communication in this field.

A recent analysis by UNFPA, shows that Boys who complete secondary school are less likely to perpetrate and also girls who complete secondary school are less likely to experience GBV, so when talking about marginalized groups, you are not just talking about the violence, but you are looking at it through the health sector angle through the education sector angle.

Lack of pervasive internet connectivity has hampered access to education not only in Kenya but the whole of Africa. This is due to the fact that implementation of internet and network connectivity requires heavy budget on both equipment and skill. These has later lead to unequal access to education, where individuals in some parts of the country are not aware of some of their rights.

I introduce Beacon Chat, a Shared-Learning and Messaging app designed for deaf and hearing community, where they can all take shared responsibility in creating and shaping narratives on global agenda with dimensions of inclusion and human dignity. it’s built-on Bluetooth-Mesh Framework that allows for unlimited relay of message at no cost within a network of connected devices. The app enhances collaboration, thereby can be used to share more stories among victims, promoting better engagement and interaction in the spreading knowledge on human rights and implementation of United Nations SDGs.

Beacon Chat can be used as a tool for youth and children engagement, harnessing the power of community to the shape narratives that make equality normal and zero tolerance to behaviors that models patriarchy so that at a very early age child see gender equality as a way of life.


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